Series Summary

Burrs and deburring are $30 billion dollar a year issues. They exist in every machining and stamping operation whether it involves metals or plastics. The broader term of edge finishing also includes materials such as ceramics, glass and composites. Most companies, however, consider the 3-10% spent on deburring a waste of time and money. The irony is that the deburring process actually increases the value of parts. Still, many professionals have problems selling their companies on the need to focus on edge finishing. This series is intended to help those professionals build their case.

This webinar series provides details for attacking and reducing the costs associated with edge finishing. After learning initial concepts, participants will calculate their own cost per part for deburring, calculate the yearly shop costs for deburring, as well as determine how their sales and costs fit within the national and international costs of deburring. More importantly, this series will help participants effectively position deburring and edge finishing as an income source or value-added element of their sales.

You’ll also learn how the basics of burr properties and formation influence cost; how simple tips when buying new deburring equipment can reduce final equipment costs and problems; and some other simple ideas for reducing your costs.

During each session, you’ll get:
  • Participant engagement opportunities
  • Post-test*
  • Certificate of Completion*
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LaRoux Gillespie has more than 40 years of experience improving deburring issues on precision parts and has documented his findings in 11 burr-related books and more than 140 papers and reports in several languages. His work experience includes research, development, hands on engineering, management, and quality control. He is the world’s most prolific writer on deburring issues. LaRoux is an advocate for all 122 different deburring processes as well as burr prevention and minimization.

Who Should Attend:

  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Presidents
  • Shop foremen
  • Managers

Part 1: Concepts and Data
Tuesday, August 9, 2011
11am Eastern

Part 2: Simple Cost Calculations Per Part
Tuesday, August 9, 2011
2pm Eastern

Part 3: Deburring Department Costs
Thursday, August 11, 2011
11am Eastern

Part 4: Plantwide Costs – More than the Deburring Department Costs
Thursday, August 11, 2011
2pm Eastern

Each session includes an approximately 40-minute presentation and a brief Q&A session at the end. Unlimited participants are allowed at each login site. All registrants receive 180 days of free access to the recording of the live session.

Training Session Information
Training Session Date:
August 09, 2011
Training Session Objectives
  • Apply the fundamentals of reducing costs
  • Explicitly define what your company wants/needs/expects
  • Approximately determine whether you are spending more than your competition for deburring
  • Identify the basic elements of burr costs
  • Use a simple spreadsheet approach that reveals cost per year, cost per hour, cost per load, cost per part (attendees can download the spreadsheets for their immediate use)
  • Use equations for specific deburring processes, if you like that approach rather than spreadsheets.
  • Determine your shop’s actual total cost of deburring per year
  • Attack reducing deburring costs
Training Session Information
Date Presented:
August 11, 2011 11:00 AM Eastern
4 hours
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Non-Member Price:
Individual topic purchase: Selected
Recertification Credit : 4.00
This session is available as recertification credit for individuals who have earned a SME certification.